Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What Goes In

If all you put into something in crap, all you can hope to get out is crap.

I think that counts for everything....everything....we put into your bodies. Not just food. Music, video games, TV, media, conversations, experiences....everything you put into yourself is going to affect what you are able to get out.

It's why I don't read the news. I'm aware of what a horrible world it is out there. I don't need to overdose on it daily (and yes, I think lots of folks overdose on news and don't realize it's a problem). I don't need to deliberately put bad things into my brain, my soul. I knew a lady who, apparently, would get up and read the news every morning (as many folks are apt to do) and then she would spend the day posting crappy news stories on Facebook, usually pertaining to horrible things happening to kids. She was one of the most high strung moms I knew. I don't think those two things were coincidence.

It's why I don't let my kids listen to certain music or watch certain TV shows or play certain video games. There really is no reason my kids need to "pretend to kill" anyone when they are 5 and 9. There is really no reason my 14 year old needs to hear music with sexually explicit lyrics. I don't believe it's all harmless. It all builds who we are. It all affects our thoughts. It all builds up and completely impacts not only what we put out into the world, but what we put into our lives and our relationships and our families.

Everything you put into yourself affects what you get out of yourself.

Everything is entangled with everything else within you. It is not separate.

I think we kid ourselves into thinking we can compartmentalize our bodies. We chose to keep anger, and somehow justify it because "they deserve it" and think we can put that anger into a tiny box in the corner of our brains and not let it affect the rest of our thoughts and feelings and interactions. But it does.

The same goes with our physical bodies. We say "I'm going to treat myself because I worked hard" and the treat is something that has no benefit to our bodies......candy, junk food, cupcakes...whatever. And we lie to ourselves, telling ourselves that one little treat won't matter, denying/ignoring the damage it can do. Denying that we are really just keeping up habits that got us to an unhappy place with our bodies in the first place.

And it goes for the tie between our physical body and our souls. We say "I'm going to work out really hard so I can go out tonight" and we spend half the day being healthy, thinking it will negate unhealthy behaviors....binge drinkings, sleeping around, doing other emotionally unhealthy things. We think because we treat our body well that it doesn't matter how we treat our soul or vice versa.

But it's all connected.

You cannot love yourself unless you love ALL of yourself. And if you treat one part of yourself badly, you are treating your entire self badly, no matter what you want to tell yourself.


If you are struggling with your body.....if the weight isn't coming off or you are struggling with a health issue that just will not go away even though you are doing all the things you're supposed to be doing....

Look at the other parts of your life. 

Are you treating your entire self well? Truly, truly well?

I've found that, for me, when things with my health start to go south, other things in my life are going south. My finances, my relationship, my patience, my happiness. 

We want to tell ourselves it's not linked....but it is. It's all clear as day, and yet most of us chose to ignore it.

It's all connected.

Everything you put into yourself affects everything else. Every food, every sound, every effort, every interaction....it all makes up the total of who you are and what you can return back out. 

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